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Knights of St Andrew
Knights of St Andrew

Scottish Rite and Masonry go                 "VIRTUAL"

Freemasonry and The Scottish Rite are showing flexibility in conforming to rather than giving in to the current pandemic restrictions. Technology is enabling our Masonic organizations to continue our work while conforming to the "safe" protocols required during the pandemic.


The Scottish Rite of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction will be leading the way with on-line Degree Presentations  and VIRTUAL REUNION for current members and new candidates, on October 3rd, October 24th and November 14th. 


From the August 2020 issue of The Northern Light:


October 3, October 24, November 14

  For the first time ever, the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction is inviting candidates to join our Brotherhood through the experience of a Virtual Reunion! Start your journey to the 32nd Degree through this unique, meaningful and convenient online event.


  All current members are invited to take part, too! It is a great opportunity to welcome new Brothers, see degrees you may have missed and interact with others from across our 15 state jurisdiction.


Only current members of NMJ Valleys and approved/accepted candidates will be granted access. Check our page - States/Valleys/Chapters (at left) to see a list of NMJ Valleys. Prior registration is required.


Get further information at this website: NMJ Virtual Reunion


                         See Additional Information on our Calendar of Events page


Two Grand Lodges to Offer         Virtual Annual Sessions

California and Oklahoma are planning to have Virtual Grand Lodge Sessions this Fall. California will be first to test the security of member only participation, voting (including Proxy votes), and input from participants. Oklahoma will be following California by about two weeks with an updated version of the same Zoom software.


From the California Grand Lodge Website:


171st Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of California

Be a part of the first virtual Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of California, where we will do the essential business of our fraternity and celebrate our good work during this challenging year.

All Master Masons are invited to attend the business sessions of this historic virtual event, which will include video, Zoom presentations, and more. Though we’ll be meeting exclusively online this year, participants will leave the weekend with a deep sense of appreciation for California Masonry and a renewed perspective of what we are capable of achieving together. 

Saturday, October 10, 2020 

Business Session 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. 


For More information about participation in this historic event, visit the California Grand Lodge website at: California Virtual Session



Developing plans for Oklahoma Freemasons' Virtual Session appear on their Grand Lodge website: Oklahoma Virtual Session



NOTE: Participation in each of these Grand Lodge Sessions require prior registration and are limited to qualified Masons only. Check their websites for registration procedures and qualifications.


            KSA Gathering                           RESCHEDULED             for September  24-26, 2021

5th International Gathering

of the Knights of St. Andrew

September 24-26, 2021

Hosted by Nashville (TN) Chapter


- Watch for more details on this website -



                              Reach Out to Brother Knights

While practicing "Safe at Home" procedures, remember to reach out to your Brother Knights. Take a few minutes each day to contact a few of your Masonic Brothers by phone, text or e-mail. Make sure that they're doing well with their own isolation. We're all missing the social aspects of our fraternal organizations and this will help you as well as those you contact. If you find a Brother in need, help them get in touch with the best agency or individuals to give them aid.


Together, we can survive this pandemic. Let's keep ourselves and our Brothers safe.



         Illus. James D. Cole Named Grand Commander, AASR, SJ

                             See further information and photo on the NEWS page of this site.



Knights of St. Andrew Information Center

Greetings and welcome to the National Knights of St Andrew (KSA) informational web site.  We hope that this collection of materials will be helpful to you, your Chapter and Valley. We are not trying to standardize the Knights across the country because you each have your own goals and agendas as well as different financial resources. We are striving to inform you of activities in other Valleys and Chapters.   If you see any section of these pages you would like us to enhance, correct and improve, please feel free to write us.  If any of the Valley/Chapter links are incorrect please contact us and we will correct the link.  Also, if you know of a Valley with a KSA Chapter that is not listed, please inform us.

As of 3 / 08 / 2020  there are:

150 Chapters in 38 States within the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction  

 25 Chapters in 9 States within the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction


Mission of This Site

This site is intended to be an information exchange center for Knights and Chapter Officers of the Scottish Rite Knights of St. Andrew. The site is not financially sponsored by or directly linked to any particular Chapter but is intended to become a communications link for all Chapters. The Knights who have volunteered to create and maintain this site wish to promote the Knights of St. Andrew for better service to the Scottish Rite Valleys and the Charities supported by KSA Chapters.


You can make this a "Brag Site" for your Chapter. Share your projects, news and photos. Knowing what  Chapters are doing helps others with encouragement and project ideas. Send your information to the Liaison or Webmaster- links below and at the left.


Suggestions and recommendations are appreciated. Send news, photos, questions and comments to the Liaison or Webmaster- links in the left column



NOTE: Our website is mobile compliant. Websites optimized for mobile devices now receive preferential treatment in Google's search engine results. Only mobile-friendly websites are included in search results on mobile devices. Visit this site on your Smart Phone, iWatch, iPad or other mobile device.



2018 Marked 25th Anniversary of Founding of the KSA

In October of 2018, we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the "Black Cap" Scottish Rite service organization, Knights of St. Andrew.  You will want to review the HISTORY page of this website. We've added 175 Chapters since that start. KSA is an idea that works... in and for your Scottish Rite Valley.



Looking for a Great Fund-Raiser to Support Your Charities?

Consider hosting a "Burns Night"  Check the PROJECTS & CHARITIES page for some fun ideas.


                           "A Rose by Any Other Name...."                                             

It may be confusing to some that, across the country, our Chapters are known by several names. As "Black Cap" service organizations, most Chapters are known as KNIGHTS OF ST. ANDREW. However, each Chapter may select their own name, attire and functions to best serve their Scottish Rite Valley. Other names for the same service group include: Order of the Thistle, Scots Guards, Scottish Knights of St. Andrew, Scottish Rite Guards.... Regardless of the name adopted, we are a service group promoting the work of our individual Valleys. "A KSA Chapter by any other name will just as truly serve..."


Visit the Photo Gallery

The idea of a service organization in support of our Scottish Rite Valleys has spread throughout the Nation and to other parts of the World. This listing shows our growth.


Visit the STATES/VALLEYS/CHAPTERS page to see a comprehensive list of KSA Chapters by Date of Charter then advise the Liaison of any additions or corrections that need to be made to your Chapter.



In the menu listing on the left, you will see a new page option... PHOTO GALLERY. Browse the collection of KSA Chapter photos we have there and then send the Webmaster photos showing the activities of your Chapter.


NOTE: This site is not intended for commercial purposes. The text and photos have been submitted by Knights and Officers of affiliated Chapters of the Knights of St. Andrew for appearance on this website. The use of these articles and photos by others is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the Liaison and/or Webmaster. E-mail links for both may be found at the bottom left of each page.

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