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Knights of St Andrew
Knights of St Andrew


                         2022 KSA International Gathering CANCELLED

The June, 2022 International Gathering

of the Knights of St. Andrew Has Been CANCELLED


The Officers and Knights regrets that the Gathering will be cancelled due to financial considerations. 


Information regarding future Gatherings and Conferences will appear on this website as details become known.




          Podcasts and Informational Websites Worth Checking

Let us know where you find educational, informative and positive action websites and we'll add them to this listing:


Tyler's Place Podcast - Fraternal Societies and Pandemics



Whence Came You



The Masonic Roundtable


Speaker – Scottish Rite Journal Podcasts


Midnight Masons


Tyler's Place (Archives)




Interesting Statistics-

In a recent survey of members, the New England Historical Genealogical Society asked about Masonic membership. The responses from 4,190 members may show us a trend we already suspect.


23% My father is/was a Mason

34% One or both of my grandfathers were Masons

26% At least one of my great-grandfathers was a Mason

29% At least one of my more distant ancestors was a Mason

23% I don't know if any of my ancestors were Masons

12% No, none of my ancestors were Masons


These survey results are, at first, distressing... but, also challenging.



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