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Knights of St Andrew
Knights of St Andrew


Illus. James D. Cole Named Grand Commander

Congratulations to Illustrious James D. Cole, 33°of Richmond, Virginia, the newly elected Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction


Grand Commander Cole was elected at the AASR-SJ 2019 Biennial Session held at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. He takes on the position from retiring, now-Past Grand Commander, Ill. Ronald A, Seale, 33°, who served in this position for 16 years, since October of 2003.


Brother Cole most recently served as the Lt. Grand Commander and as the SGIC of Virginia.


Congratulations to Illus. Brother Cole from all Knights of St. Andrew.



Nashville to Host 2020 KSA International Gathering

Get your "toe tapping" shoes out of storage - we're going to "Music City" in mid-June for the 5th International Gathering of Knights. When Las Vegas Chapter was unable to host our biennial event, our Brother Knights in Nashville stepped forward. Check the "2020 Gathering" page on this website for the latest information. We'll post news as the planning proceeds.



Grand Commander, Ill Ronald A. Seale, Retires

After years of service to the Scottish Rite, Southern Masonic Jurisdiction, our Grand Commander, Ron Seale has announced his retirement effective this month. Read his emotional and heart-felt article "Until We Meet Again" in the current issue (July-August) of the Scottish Rite Journal - or follow this link: Grand Commanders Message  Thank you, Brother Seale, for your years of dedicated work improving our Scottish Rite.



2019 Southern Jurisdiction Honor Men Announced

The Honorees to receive the KCCH and 33rd Degree distinctions this year are listed on the SR SJ Website by Orient and Valley. Check the list and make a point to congratulate your Brothers whose names are there. Follow this link: List of Honor Men  White Caps or Red - we applaud you!!



Wheeling Chapter Continues Annual Fund Raiser for RiteCare

Looking for a new and fun Fund Raising idea. Try a "Ride"... Upcoming is the Fourth Annual "Ride" that the Wheeling (WV) KSA uses to raise funds for their RiteCare Clinic.


For more details, check our Projects and Charities page or visit their Facebook page with the link below.


The Knights of St. Andrew Chapter in Wheeling (WV) has a Facebook page where you will find more details. Visit their site Wheeling Facebook and "Join" to keep abreast of their activities. 



Podcasts and Informational Websites Worth Checking

Let us know where you find educational, informative and positive action websites and we'll add them to this listing:


Whence Came You



The Masonic Roundtable


Masonic Radio Theater


Speaker – Scottish Rite Journal Podcasts


Midnight Masons



Scottish Rite of Deadwood Recognized for 125th Anniversary 

Check your Scottish Rite Journal for an interesting article regarding the Deadwood Scottish Rite reaching their 125th Anniversary. Watch here for more Deadwood news as a new KSA Chapter is in the organization/chartering stages.



Guthrie Chapter Celebrates 25 Years of Service

October, 2018 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Chartering of the Guthrie (OK) Chapter of the Knights of St. Andrew. At a celebration dinner, the members presented Brother, Sir Knight, Ralph Fullenwider with the first ever Lifetime Service Award.


A Charter Member, Brother Ralph was instrumental in writing the scripts for the Processional and Knighting Ceremony. He also designed and created the KSA logo which became the badge utilized by most of the 169 Chapters of the KSA today. And, there's more! Ralph and his wife Charlotte sewed the first 14 kilt uniforms (including sporrans) owned by the Chapter. They also created the original banner now on display in the museum outside the Egyptian Room in the Guthrie Scottish Rite Center.


All current Chapters of the Knights of St. Andrew owe Brother Ralph Fullenwider a huge “Thanks” for giving the organization a wonderful start.




At left is the new Lifetime Service Award

presented to Brother Ralph by

Venerable Master Brandon Boughen.

Philadelphia Charters KSA Chapter

Philadelphia became the 172nd Knights of St. Andrew with a Charter Ceremony on June 20, 2018. This new Chapter became the 23rd in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Congratulations to our Brother Knights in Philly!


At this time, two more Chapters are organizing... watch for more news regarding them.  KSA on the Grow!



Celebrating the Craft - 2018

Another resounding success for Celebrating the Craft. At this point, over a MILLION Dollars have been raised. According to the SMJ Facebook page, contributions are now at $1,116,699.00

Thanks to the individuals and organizations that participated and donated.



Education for Squires

If you utilize a program of new initiates becoming Squires - and we hope you do - there is a need to train those Squires to become a Knight. There are three basic approaches: orientation classes; immediate assignment to a Knight who can train; or, combination of both. Whatever works for your Chapter, don't ignore the new Squire. They need to be taught the precepts of the KSA - Charity and Service to the Valley. The more they know the more likely the will remain active and involved.


Group Orientation for New Squires in the Fresno (CA) Chapter of the KSA.



Kansas City Scottish Rite Opens 1903 Time Capsule

Fire nearly destroyed an historic church in Kansas City, MO last November. From the ashes came a Masonic laid corner stone. The time capsule was placed in 1903. The Scottish Rite of Missouri held a delightful and revealing "grand opening" on January 25th. Many Masonic related items were revealed and their historic value discussed. Check the videos at this site: KC Corner Stone



College Fraternities Founded by Masons

The September/October issue of the Scottish Rite Journal contains an article about College Fraternities that have been founded by Masons. Most of us are familiar with ACACIA (crest at left) but aren't aware of the many others. Perhaps your fraternity is on this list. Check page 8 of your hardcopy for the beginning of the list, or go to the following website to read the article on-line.

                  College Fraternity List

You may be surprised to find that one College Sorority was founded by a group of Eastern Star Ladies. Masons and masonic ideals are the basis of many organizations.



Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center Opens

On June 24th the Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center in Bloomington, MN had a gala grand opening.

Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center

Located on the lush, 80-acre campus of the Minnesota Masonic Home in Bloomington, Minnesota, the elegant, 47,000-square-foot Heritage Center will feature a 425-seat auditorium with jewel-box theater, 3,700 square foot Masonic museum and library, Masonic lodge room, meeting spaces and a full catering kitchen all open to the public and available for rental beginning September 1, 2016.

   Check-out photos and more details at: Masonic Heritage Center.



Interesting Statistics-

In a recent survey of members, the New England Historical Genealogical Society asked about Masonic membership. The responses from 4,190 members may show us a trend we already suspect.

  3% I am a Mason

23% My father is/was a Mason

34% One or both of my grandfathers were Masons

26% At least one of my great-grandfathers was a Mason

29% At least one of my more distant ancestors was a Mason

23% I don't know if any of my ancestors were Masons

12% No, none of my ancestors were Masons


These survey results are, at first, distressing... but, also challenging.



Masonic Roadmap

There is a great graphic on the Fayetteville (AR) Scottish Rite website. Click this link Roadmap to see a graph of Masonic organizations and their relationship to one another.



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