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Projects and Charities

Wheeling KSA Chapter Continues Great Fund Raising Idea

Looking for a new and novel fund raising idea?? Check out this one...


The Wheeling (WV) KSA Chapter holds an annual "Ride" to raise money for the Huntington Scottish Rite Foundation which supports their RiteCare Clinic.

July 13th will mark the Fourth Annual Ride in this on-going event. Cycle riders pay a $15 fee and passengers pay $5. A fun and profitable event... Consider a similar Ride for your Chapter.

If you're in the area, Registration starts at 10 AM with "Kickstands Up" at Noon.


Best wishes, Wheeling, we hope you raise a lot of RiteCare cash!



Cumberland (MD) to Honor "Robbie" Burns 

Adding some highlights to your Burns Night celebration or fundraiser can greatly increase participation. You'll find some great ideas regarding menu and special entertainment at the Cumberland (MD) KSA website. Cumberland Burns Night.



Be sure to check the menu on the website... yummm, yummm. And the key ingredient to a successful fundraiser... publicity. Open your doors to the public, if possible, and be sure all Masonic Bodies know about your event.



St. Louis Chapter Plans "Burns Night" 

The noted Mason and Poet Lauerate of Scotland, Robert Burns, was born on January 25th in 1759. Scottish Rite bodies have been celebrating ever since! If you're looking for a fun fund-raiser, now is the time to plan your "Burns Night" dinner. The St. Louis (MO) Chapter of the KSA will be hosting their seventh fete next month. This can be an event to feature bagpipes, Scottish dances, and highland attire. By the way, haggas, is optional. Make your event as exciting as you wish but don't forget to have some readings of Burns poetry. Don't get "hung-up" on the date. Any evening in January will work. Check here for more details on what the St. Louis Chapter is planning:  St Louis Burns Night


Omaha Valley KSA Holds "Masonic Yard Sale"

A unique idea for a fundraiser... The Omaha (NE) KSA Chapter held a "Masonic Yard Sale," which raised nearly $900 in only four hours! In the weeks leading up to the event, Scottish Rite members donated books, shirts, watches, lapel pins, jewelry, coats, York Rite chapeaus, swords, mugs, and much more. All of the funds raised from the yard sale will go right back into the Valley for the next project!



Maryland Scottish Rite and KSA Chapters Show Activity

Looking for some project ideas? Wondering how your KSA Chapter can better support the Valley and related charities? Take a look at the current newsletter from the Orient of Maryland. These folks are so busy, it make one tired just reading about it... Maryland Scottish Rite & KSA.



Supporting the RiteCare Program in New Ways

Castle du Gran Pere

This play castle with miniature Templar Knights, royalty figures and maurauding dark knights was built by a Guthrie (OK) Knight and his Lady. It was donated to the Guthrie RiteCare Center to be raffled at the Spring Reunion. A popular item among Grandfathers and "kids at heart", several hundred dollars were raised to aid the RiteCare program. Find a cute or unusual item to promote - exchange donations for drawing tickets. It works... and the youngsters are the real winners.






Pocket Change to Change Young Lives

Koins for Kids


Charity is the hallmark of Masonry. Charity for children in need is a goal of the Guthrie Knights of St. Andrew.


Since 1998, the Guthrie Chapter has collected Koins for Kids. Members are asked to set aside the change remaining in their pockets at the end of each day. The accumulated coins are brought to each Reunion and poured into a 5 gallon plastic container kept on the Knights’ retail table in the atrium.


It is amazing how coins can multiply when everyone participates. Each year, the money is distributed to a charity selected by the members – a children’s charity that benefits the geographic area of our Valley. Of course, the most popular recipient is our own Rite Care Clinic, the children’s speech and hearing clinic based in our Scottish Rite Building.


Other charities that have benefited from the Koins for Kids funds include: Pepper’s Ranch (a foster home facility for boys and girls); MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving - literature and programs in schools); Oklahoma Drug Education Program (High School level campaigns); the Last Frontier Council (Boy Scouts of America); and, the Rite Care Clinic.


Donations to the Rite Care Clinic also benefit the satellite offices in other parts of our Valley. Computers, software and equipment purchases have been made as needs are described by the Director and her staff.


The Guthrie Knights of St. Andrew Koins for Kids funds enable care givers to enrich the lives of the children in their charge.


Koins for Kids starts with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Simple pocket change can change the lives of children in need.



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