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Chapter Liaison-


KSA Liaison
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Knights of St Andrew
Knights of St Andrew


What do you need for your Chapter of the Knights of St. Andrew to be more successful??

          Pins?      Badges?     Kilts?    Ritual?    Charter?    Banner or Flags?   By-Laws Suggestions?

          Sample Constitution?    Officer Title Options?

               ...or anything else....


There is no central or recognized source of KSA materials or supplies. However, we wish to use this website to put you in touch with other Chapters that can share their positive experiences with you.


If you know of a Chapter that has accomplished what you would like do, check with them by using the links found on the STATES/VALLEYS/CHAPTERS Page or send a request to the  Liaison through the link at the left.


We will gladly share your expertiese with others who inquire. Let us know what you wish to share with other Chapters.


Various Uniform Items are on display and sources listed by the Richmond (VA) Chapter




 The following valleys have photos of their members/officers from which you may draw ideas. You can find  their links to the left at:  STATE/VALLEYS/CHAPTER pages.  As you'll see there is no official uniform.

 (NMJ)  Delaware, Chicago (IL), Springfield, (IL),  

 (SMJ)  San Jose, (CAL), Denver, (CO.), Panama City, (FL), Augusta, (GA), Raleigh (NC), Guthrie (OK), 

             Corpus Christi (TX), Lubbock (TX), El Paso (TX), San Antonio (TX).


Glen Garries & Hackles -


 Guthrie (OK) Chapter


 Glen Garry Caps


 Glen Garry Caps


 4” Hackles


 Cap Badges, Crest (one Masonic Knife)


 Glen Garry & Hackles


  Medford (OR) Valley - Owners are Masons - Quality Merchandise

 KSA of the SR Items

 Glen Garry




Check these supplier Home Pages:


  Homepage - Heritage of Scotland 


 Home Page - Glegarry Hats - Canada


 Home Page - Highland XPress - San Antonio, TX


 Home Page - Pipers Cove - Kearney, NJ


  - Home Page -  J. Higgins - Kansas


 - Inexpensive Kilts & Accessories





Looking for suggestions on a KSA Petition (Application for Membership): Try these links:


   Tucson (AZ) Chapter


  Birmingham (AL) Chapter



               Des Moines (IA) Chapter


These Chapter Websites are also a good source of Application Formats:
Panama City (FL),  Denver,(CO),  Augusta (GA), Kansas City (MO),  Raleigh (NC),  Guthrie (OK),  Wilmington (NC),  Alexander (VA), Richmond, (VA), Ocala (FL), Des Moines (IA), Minneapolis (MN), St Joseph (MO), New Bern (NC) and All Chapters in Maryland.
Need By-Laws? Look at what these Chapters have created -


  Augusta (GA) Chapter


 Kansas City (MO) Chapter


Samples of Constitutions can be found at:


 Kansas City (MO) Chapter


Also, Check these Chapter websites for Either By-Laws or Constitution samples:

Colo Springs (CO),  Raleigh (NC), Guthrie (OK), Corpus Christi (TX), Cheyenne (WY) and Sheridan (WY)



NOTICE: Guthrie (OK) Chapter has experienced a non-delivery and no refund problem with Great Highland Wear... Although Guthrie KSA has ordered caps, cap badges and hackles from this source before this problem does not seem to be reaching a resolve. Others should be aware of the situation and proceed with caution if ordering supplies from this source.










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